24 FebJournal 6

Prompt # 3

We used to drive till we found
a new hiding spot along the York river.
We used your fuzzy blanket
you kept in the back of your car.
We used to pack picnic lunches
of precious Chick-fil-a, laughing wildly.
We used to curl up and wish upon stars
and whisper lovely thoughts into each others ears.

You used to rock me gently
through every piercing panic attack.
You used to bring me Earl Grey
and draw a steaming bubble bath.
You used to hand me a single rose at the beginning of the day
forcing me to carry it sticking out of my backpack for everyone to see.
You used to know that would bring a sweet smile to my face
and would smile knowing that my freckles scrunched because of your actions.

I used to try to knit every stitch of our memories together
to build a foundation for our lives.
I used to think that it wouldn’t unravel
and change into something different.
I used to wonder how you could not see
the unhappiness in my fake smile.
I used to hope that you could hear my pleas
so it wouldn’t come to an end.

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